Are your taste buds ready to take the heat of
¡Muy Caliente! Cabanero Red?

Cabanero About UsUntil now, spicy food lovers didn’t have a wine to enjoy with their favorite hot foods. If anything, they were told to choose a sweeter white wine intended to cool the heat. Those who crave spicy sensations, however, know that a “hurts so good” endorphin release quickly follows and leaves them wanting more. Cooling the heat just ends the fire-infused party.

Cabanero Roaring, Rowdy & Robust Red is a wine for spicy food lovers who desire an amplified, tongue-singeing sensation. Introducing the world’s first red wine that keeps the fiery party going. Infused with natural habanero flavors, Cabanero alongside your favorite spicy foods will have you shouting “¡MUY CALIENTE!”

Tasting Note

Find Cabanero™ at HEB stores and other retail chains in the near future.